Friday 14 December 2012

Just In Time....

for Christmas!

Today the Fifth Wheeler was delivered to our drive after it's pre-delivery inspection & requested mods were completed. It sure looked huge as it appeared down our little right of way.


But will it turn easily in the turning bay at the end of the way? No problems & with room to spare!

And luckily our drive was made for it! Nice fit & still enough room for the cars.

"And now if I can just work out this hitch..."
And this is where it will sit until our ute(utility) arrives, originally the ute was due in October along with the van but it has twice been delayed, now 6 months in total, and is due in mid January. It is lucky that we hadn't planned to head off full time until March, 2013 but it would have been nice if we'd been able to take it to Napier & go camping with family over Christmas & New Year.
Oh well at least we'll be able to set the inside up at our leisure, learn all the ins & outs & different switches & maybe have a few trial nights in it while it's parked safely in the drive.