Saturday 24 November 2012

It's arrived!

After a three month wait the main player of the Evans travelling road show has finally arrived from the States and has been unloaded at the yard of our Mt Maunganui dealer On the Way RV. It now has another couple of weeks of titivating before delivery to our driveway. And there it will sit until January. Unfortunately our Ford Ranger ute has been delayed by three months off the production line in Thailand. Apparently the automatic gearboxes for these Fords are in hot demand in the States and most are sent that way. NZ's supply is not really on the radar.
We will at least be able to fit the fifth-wheeler out totally & test the cooking & sleeping arrangements while it's parked in the drive. Thankfully it will fit quite nicely there.
Now to name it....
And no, that's not the TV aerial ;)


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