Friday, 5 April 2013

Back at the Farm

We were all packed up & ready to pull out by 8:30 this morning, David had a restless night & was keen to get on the road. We said goodbye to Jenny & Len & thanked them for a wonderful stay, they really do a wonderful job for DOC and I can imagine it's often a thankless task. Although we've thought that maybe one day in the future when we've seen abit more of this country we might like to put down some roots for a few months and take on a manager's job at one of the many canps around NZ.

As we headed back over that dreadful road again it didn't feel quite so bad but we still took our time & kept our fingers crossed we wouldn't meet any cars coming the other way. It has rained a few times over the last couple of nights which had dampened the dust down but we did notice the corrugations were starting to appear again, obviously the Easter traffic gave the road a beating.

We struck it lucky and never saw a car until the very last bridge just before Colville. Which just happened to be one of the wives from White Star Station where we were heading. She knew we were coming back down (we'd left a message on the phone) & as she was heading up to Fletcher Bay so she was hoping like hell she didn't meet us. No wonder she gave us a huge wave & smile as we passed, she'd only just started out.


As you can see, David must have felt a little more relaxed, I was able to get out & take a few photos on the way down. And we shaved half an hour off the outward trip, one hour exactly to the Colville Store.

And that was that. We're now parked up & plugged in at White Star Station, still no phone but plenty of internet. It felt like coming home, the family were eager to hear how we'd gone. And I've already managed to collect a big bag of ripe............feijoas!


  1. Hi Shell - I can't sleep tonight for some reason (it's 3.25am!!) so I've just caught up with your updates from Port Jackson. It looks and sounds like you are having the most amazing time. I'm really glad you and Dad are enjoying it so much. Funny you should write about feijoas - I was excited to see them in the supermarket yesterday (too cold for them to grow down here?) so I brought some which just doesn't seem right!

    1. You'll be able to get your feijoa fix when you're home for a visit later this month. Glad you enjoyed the latest posts. See you soon xx


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