Tuesday 10 December 2013


I always buy free-range eggs, or at the very least barn eggs if there are no free range available. It's just something I have done for a very long time, I hate the thought, & sight, of all those poor caged hens stuck in their tiny wire cages popping out eggs twenty to the dozen. I know it's only something small & I probably could do more but it's a small stand I have taken on behalf of the millions of "egg machines" out there.

So it's with some consternation to find that the free-range eggs I have been buying down here in the South Island are nowhere near as fresh as I used to buy up north. At first I thought it was maybe bad luck, I'd picked up an old box, but now after buying a few dozens eggs they have all had issues with their freshness. Maybe South Islanders don't care as much as to where their eggs come from or perhaps there's not the population base to have a quick turn over of free-range eggs, I don't know. But we were starting to hang out for some lovely fresh eggs.

And that was when I spotted free-range eggs for sale along the coast road to Tairei Mouth. Trouble was that with the fifth-wheeler on the back there was no place to pull over or turn around. So it looked like we were going to miss this opportunity.

But those eggs played on my mind, I saw all the big fat brown hens scratching in the paddocks as we sailed by & even though it was 15kms back, we went for a drive up the coast road yesterday & brought two dozen of those lovely big golden free-range eggs!

And we had boiled eggs for breakfast this morning cooked by my darling husband. One of my favourite breakfasts.

Strange considering, as those that know me do, I don't like yolks.

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