Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fangorn Forest...

.....Silverlode River &  Nen Hithoel. If you are a LOTR fan you'll probably know these names from Middle Earth. We know the area where these fictional places are located as the Mavora Lakes and it's where we are headed today for two to three weeks.

Mavora Lakes, there are two; North & South are located at the end of 35kms of gravel road. The road leaves SH94 about half way between Mossburn & Te Anau in Southland and winds it way through the Mararoa River valley. We've not been to the lakes before but from all accounts it is a stunningly beautiful area. We'll be staying at the DOC camp which is located between the lakes. We'll also be launching our Takacat inflatable for the very first time, on the north lake only of course, there's a ban on powered boats on the south one.

Looking at my road map I am fascinated to see that just before the lakes another gravel road branches off and continues over mountains & passes for what looks like miles to finally arrive on the shores of Lake Wakatipu & ends at the famous (in NZ) Walter Peak Station. The station sits on the opposite shore to Queenstown & the well known steamer Earnslaw is usually the way goods and people visit.  It's probably 10kms by boat across the lake from Queenstown but I bet at least 200+ kms by road. While at the lakes we may just have to do a little tiki-tour to explore further.

We will be out of cellphone range while we're there so this will be my last blog post for awhile but have no fear, I shall have a few to post on our return to civilization.

We didn't leave Athol yesterday as originally planned. David had spent all day Sunday cleaning the dust off & out of the ute after our epic 4WD safari on Saturday. He felt he needed a day of rest (but has pottered about all day) & I also wanted to complete the 4WD blogs so we delayed our departure. And it was lucky we did, it blew a gale from early morning with plenty of very strong gusts, our new neighbours towed their caravan down from Wanaka and had the front window of the van broken by the wind.

Before we leave this morning we will be calling in to stock up at the "Vege Shed" which is just down the road, apparently it sells very tasty lamb & venison too. There are not too many options for fresh meat & vegetables between here & Mavora Lakes so we'll take full advantage of what's on offer. I just love their building (an old woolshed) & how it fits right into the environment.

Signing off for now, somewhere "Out There" in the wop-wops (Kiwi speak for out the back of beyond)


  1. Hi Shellie, Your estimate of 200K by road from Queenstown to Walter Peak Station was not far out. The Readers Digest road map gives it as 215K ,includes 51K from the Marvora Lake turn off to Walter Peak.

    1. Ha! I am definitely my father's daughter, map reading is in my genes! :)


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