Thursday, 24 April 2014

Big Kids

Mr Whippy (clever man) did a roaring trade here at Lowburn last night.……and we had dessert before dinner! Smile

Once again Lowburn is a busy campsite, many of us are off to the Arrowtown Autumn Festival tomorrow. The local Upper Clutha Valley MCA is having a rally with parking available near the town and a couple of topless double decker buses to take us to the festivities.

Sunrise this morning-

And then the fog rolled in over Lake Dunstan-

But only for a short while. It quickly burnt off to reveal a beautiful calm & sunny autumn day. The autumnal colours are fabulous, the poplars have turned an even deeper shade of gold than when we were here 10 days ago.


  1. Spectacular colour! We went to view the Autumn colours at Masterton a couple of days ago but were too late for the full glory, unfortunately.

    1. You'll enjoy the latest post from Bannockburn then Olwen, and those photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. The colours have really intensified with the onset of colder mornings. I have plenty more poplars in all their glory to post before I'm done with autumn! :)

    2. Yippee! Keep them coming....

  2. Stunning photo's yet again Shellie,
    As a self confessed icecream addict, Mr Whippy just doesn't hack it, however 10/10 for location & opportunity.
    Arrowtown sounds exciting.
    Keep em coming!

    1. Thanks Jimu, yes I must say I am not a big fan of Mr Whippy either but beggars can't choosers! :)


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