Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Golden Moon Over Golden Bay

Last night saw the second super moon in just over a month rising above the eastern horizon, it gave me another chance to take a few photos. Rather than the hit and miss affair of last month's shoot this time I was a little more prepared. I checked for the time of the moon rise (6.27pm) and also the exact bearing (east 92o) because it rises so fast that often it's cleared the horizon before I spot it. I had in mind to use the old Collingwood Wharf piles as an interest in the photos and with the tide out but on it's way in it was a perfect setting. Here's a selection, click on the photos to see them larger.



One last shot before the tide catches me, this one is over-exposed so I could show you where the tide is, see the first photos for how far out it was when I started.  I was there for just under an hour (6-7pm) with it being as dark as the above photo shows for the last 20 minutes or so. This was why it took me a few moments to realise why I could suddenly hear gentle lapping waves. Spooky!



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