Wednesday, 18 February 2015


A field full of wildflowers & grasses gave me an ideal subject to shoot while at Kuripapango.

These captures were all done in camera, no photoshop other than a little sharpening & adding the copyright- it’s all to do with what is called the exposure triangle- Shutter speed, ISO & Aperture- and how they work together, increasing or decreasing each to suit. The first photo is basically what the eye sees, & most cameras set on auto. The remainder are working the triangle with the help of a zoom lens to focus on one point, in this case a flower head.

Problem is I can’t pick a favourite, one day I'd love to have one of these on a huge canvas on the wall. But by then I think I'll have a thousand photos I want on a canvas!


  1. Isn't it amazing how much beauty is around us and most people don't see it!
    Your header shot seems to tell quite a story too!

    1. Wildflowers are so unrated aren't they. But we know differently- there's a whole heap of life in those little patches.

      By now you'll know the story of the Header photo, just another tight spot we had no problem with. One day our luck will turn......


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