Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chased Out Of Town

Another interruption to the time line- we left Wanaka this afternoon with snow falling on the mountains around us. The clouds moved aside, as we did our duties at the dump station, to reveal Roys Peak with a light dusting. Yesterday the last of the previous snow fall had all but disappeared. 

Duties done just in time as the sky darkened. And we were chased out of town.... a big bad front that is sure to contain a fair bit of snow!

We're now tucked up at the NZMCA Park in Cromwell where the skies are blue (well they were, night is falling. Fast.) Hard to believe it's just 40kms down the road.


  1. We were down there at Easter , got a good snow dump on those hills then, keep warm

    1. Yes, it certainly brings the temperature down! Now at Cromwell where there's a bit of snow on the surrounding ranges, and more added overnight.


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