Thursday 22 October 2015

Trout on the Menu- DOC Glenfalls

Our tentative three night stop-over at the DOC Glenfalls camp on the Mohaka River turned into six nights. The weather was fabulous, the trout biting and people we knew (or they knew of us) kept on arriving!

Chris & Marg called in for a night to say hello. They were on their way home to Hawkes Bay, Chris is a member of a forum I belong to so it was lovely to see them again.

“I hope that’s not steak you’re cooking on your flash retractable BBQ, Chris”

We decided to stay on another night when I discovered my aunty (who is more like a sister) and her husband were about to have a couple days away from their home in Napier. Glenfalls is also one of their favourite camping spots and they often stay here with another aunty and her husband. These are the two families we went camping with at the Tukituki River over Christmas/New Year last year.

It was great to see Pam & Gerald again; we had an extra long ‘happy hour’ catching up and a good few laughs the first night. The next day dawned perfect; sunny and warm with very little wind- good fishing weather, we decided to stay on another night. After a leisurely start to the day, we walked to the top of hill…

…and climbed down a steep goat track to the river….

…where David & Gerald went fishing…

…while Pam & I explored further up the river…

Pam decided to also have a few casts…

and struck gold also most immediately. Catch & release!

Watched by the locals…

We returned to camp and while Pam & I relaxed in the late afternoon sun, the guys went fishing again. By the end of the day we had three lovely fish thanks to Gerald; one for dinner and two, one each, for the freezer (although we’re having our one with Mum & Dad tonight).

They were also a few more fish caught and released.


…smoked trout with our ‘happy hour’ nibbles..

The next day was a stunner too, summer is nearly here. With just a 50 minute run to Napier, we prepared the vehicles for the road and then sat out in the sun enjoying lunch and chewing the fat for another hour or so.

We’re now parked up beside Mum & Dad’s for a few weeks and looking forward to catching up with more family and friends and partaking in some good old Hawkes Bay sunshine…..which happens to have disappeared today!

It’s a tight and cosy fit but great for us to be close to Mum & Dad and still have our own space. Dad had the car port concrete pad extended a year or so ago so we could comfortably fit on it and the poles and sail that usually protect the car were already down and packed away ready for our arrival yesterday.

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