Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Roving Rotel


Road Hotel or Rolling Hotel? Also known as a capsule hotel but whatever it is, it looks bloody uncomfortable and a little on the claustrophobic side even to someone who doesn’t get claustrophobia. I keep having visions of all these people with their arms strapped to their sides being lifted up and slotted into their six foot by three foot cubbyhole at the end of each night.

This German travel company’s monstrosity is parked in the local holiday park here in Te Anau. The Rotel has a kitchen and toilet on board but lacks a shower, hence the reason it is parked up at the campground-  imagine if you came across this while out freedom camping!

It looks like it would usually be party central but I think it might have lost some of it’s appeal after a week of rain.

I doubt there’s much insulation in those walls and I bet many of the guests have been suffering in the cold, especially the last few days when it's hardly got above 8 degrees overnight. And all that condensation from so many people. Not to mention the noises and smells while they’re sleeping.

Coffin like sleeping quarters wouldn’t appeal to most people but obviously it’s a cheaper form of travel for German travellers than other more conventional methods. They are on a 24 day tour of New Zealand and have visited many places from Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island to Fiordland in the South.

Oh and there are double capsule options available…now that’s sure to test the relationship!


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    1. It is a bit of an eyesore but still, they're only using it to sleep in at the holiday parks while they're touring NZ, and it is adding to our tourism revenue. I know I wouldn't want to try it out though.

  2. I've tried the capsule hotels in Japan, I made the mistake of picking a top one, which turned horrible when the one below late at night started smoking cigarettes....we call the double capsule options...Motorhomes in NZ!

  3. Can't imagine meeting this monster on a twisty uphill road :) Wonder what's the maximum size of vehicle allowed on NZ road...anything bigger than this? Also extremely curious how the inside looks like and how those people live in it...

  4. Oh I saw this at the Top 10 Holiday Park in Orewa, Auckland last weekend. I don't think this is my idea of fun. Think I'd rather do a bus tour but best would be a campavan/motorhome thank you

    1. No, it's not my idea of fun either. Obviously some enjoy it because it does get about.


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