Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Special Visitors to Glendhu Bay


Two short posts coming up before they become old news. We're now parked up at the Shotover Top10 Holiday Park (our second visit here) waiting to move to a farm down the road on Friday, the same farm we stayed at two years ago when attended the Clutha District Autumn Rally and had so much fun at Arrowtown's Autumn Festival. A bit like Wanaka's Warbirds, we were in the area and thought lets do this again! 

The day before we left Glendhu Bay at Lake Wanaka, we had surprise visitors. It was early evening and David was outside packing up the boat when I heard him talking to someone. This isn't unusual as people stop and talk often. A short time later he called for me to come outside to say hello and standing there were two people I hadn't met before. But it didn't take me long to realise who they were. 

This lovely lady, Yoo San, and her husband Lee, live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and are regular visitors to New Zealand. I think they are on their 5th or 6th visit to the South Island and they love touring in a motorhome. Yoo San, a dentist and Lee, a doctor, have their own practices and can only take short holidays because they have to shut the doors while they are away, but they certainly make the most of their trips exploring and staying well off the beaten track and away from the usual tourist hotspots. 

Which is where I come in. Yoo San (screen name Offstone) does a lot of research for their trips and loves to ask lots of questions on Trip Advisor. And I answer lots of questions on TA, or I used to a long time ago, now I'm too busy doing my blog. Somewhere along the way Yoo San found a link to my blog and is now one of my most ardent followers commenting regularly on my posts (and picking up lots of hints and tips too).

Yoo San is also an accomplished artist and after she read my post on the very rare Mohua/Yellowhead which we finally saw on Ulva Island, she did this lovely drawing of the Mohua for me.

...taken from this photo..

I knew that Offstone (she'll always be Offstone to me) was visiting New Zealand again soon but wasn't sure of the dates, I also knew that they would be calling into Wanaka to see friends. It just happened to be while we were at Glendhu Bay that they were in Wanaka and were driving out to Rob Roy Glacier when they spotted our 5th-wheeler parked on the lake front. They did a U turn and came in to say hello! 

And that was how a charming Malaysian couple ended up in our van having some refreshments with us! It was lovely to meet you both, until next time, safe travels.


  1. A surprise to see our faces appear on your blog so soon, right on our last day in South Island. We are now in the airport waiting to board the flight back home. We went to Arrowtown and Queenstown after Wanaka, passed by Shotover Top 10 but missed you. Thought you've move on to West Coast. I regret didn't stayed longer to chat more with both of you. That's a rare chance, probably once in a life time (let's hope not��). Wish our path cross again on our next 7th trip to South Island!

    1. That's serendipity! Catching you as you're at the airport, it was meant to be. Hope your flight home hasn't been too tiring and you're not too sad about leaving NZ again. You can start planning the next visit as soon as you get home! Take care of each other, it was lovely to meet you both.

  2. The emoji smile sign appeared as "??" OMG :)

    1. Haha- never know what the internet will throw at you.


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