Saturday, 28 May 2016

Cover Photo

It was with great excitement to find out that I'd managed to score the front cover of the latest NZMCA magazine once again; I needed one more to fill a spare gap on the van's wall. Anymore and I'll have to hang them in the loo!

This was taken in Wanaka while I was out and about doing my own personal tiki-tour, capturing the autumn colours while David was fishing. 

The blurb (which I have to supply) reads- Autumn at Albert Town Camping Ground. Located on the banks of the mighty Clutha River just downstream from the river's Lake Wanaka outlet. The camp ground is surrounded by many walking and cycle tracks along both sides of the river, south to Luggate and into Wanaka township.

Hey, I like these short blogs (I bet you do too)!


  1. Congratulations! I'm quite sure you will soon have one for the loo ;)
    Was there last April for 2nd time. Great autumn colours!

    1. Thanks offstone, much appreciated and yes I'm sure I'll be starting the loo collection before too long! :)


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