Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Around and About- Glenorchy


To finish off our visit to Glenorchy, here are a few photos taken out and about-

Looking out towards Glenorchy and Lake Wakatipu. The Glenorchy Walkway loops through the wetland on either a one or two hour walk.

Looking in the opposite direction towards the Routeburn and the Dart River valley with the Humbolt Mountain range along the back, and the small Mt Alfred on the right.

We walked the shorter lagoon loop on one of the miserably overcast and rainy days. This would have been a great walk in autumn, with all the willows in colour. Or in summer when there would be water fowl and babies about. As it was, we only saw a couple of black swans and half a dozen ducks and that was it. It looked as though the boardwalks had been under water during the last few days, water weed had washed over the boards.

On the way back from the lagoon, the path passed a local's personal junk yard...

...which provided me with some good subject material! How's that gypsy caravan, I can just see it being towed behind the Ranger.

The majestic Humbolt Mountains across the valley from Glenorchy. If you look carefully you can see the red of Kinloch Lodge at the bottom centre. Which makes the mountains a pretty impressive size.

Further down the road heading towards the Rees Valley are Mt Albert on the left and Mt Earnslaw.

I took these last few photos just before we left Glenorchy. I spotted lots of interesting subjects while we were out and about but there's only so many times I can get David to stop for me so I went on my own little tiki-tour. Here's another old farmhouse on the side of the road.

And a colourful windmill I spotted in an overgrown paddock.

Back in town, I'd been waiting for a few days to capture the tiny & historic(1891) Glenorchy Library in fine weather.

A Glenorchy house- as they used to be before the road made it to this little backwater at the top of the lake (in 1962, unsealed until 1998). Located on a reserve near the foreshore, the water tower (and some concrete foundations) are all that remains of the Mt Earnslaw Hotel which burnt down in 1959.

Head of the Lake Community Church- another one to add to my country church album.

And a final collection of the most famous building in Glenorchy; the historic Wharf Shed.


  1. Interesting junk yard. Love the cute buildings especially the library. I grew up in a sea of books. Wonder how it's like when this mini library was in use...
    How I wish you also have blog header history like collection for churches and birds...ever considered that?

    1. The library is still in use- open once a week from memory. Blogs on churches and birds is a good idea, maybe I'll make them up when we stop travelling and I have some spare time. I did actually start one on churches but couldn't keep up with it- :)


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