Friday 26 August 2016

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans- Napier, Part 1


The busy time has continued, with a couple of hiccups along the way. I writing this from, would you believe, Sulphur Point in Tauranga. Yes, we're back in town for a few days. We had a repair job on the van that needed to be done and it worked out better to fit it in after our Napier visit rather than in the middle of it. And it's given us another chance to see the family and catch up with friends again. Only trouble is, the rain heard we were visiting too!

As mentioned previously, I did a photoshoot of the 'Sea Wall' murals dotted around Napier and Ahuriri before I left. And I managed to capture every one of the 30 plus paintings, quite a mean feat if I must say so myself. The large murals were painted on walls around Napier during a street art festival back in March. Their aim is to highlight marine environmental issues relevant to the local community. 

I started at the Napier Sailing Club, with the furthest west mural and then worked my way around Ahuriri, along past the Port, down Marine Parade to the Aquarium and then back to the many tucked down alleyways and on back walls of the inner city.

It was a lovely sunny day which was nice for me but not so good to shoot some of the murals which were in the shadow or even worse, half-shadow. I did think about returning to re-do a few later in an afternoon but decided, it is what it is (and by the time I'd finished I'd seen enough of 'muriels' for awhile!)

I'll try and keep the chatter brief; another one of those, 'I'll let the photos do the talking' blogs.....
hopefully. So here we go...

Napier Sailing Club, Ahuriri- Responsible Consumption 

Plastic; The Modern Miracle That Never Breaks Down
Pandora Pond, Ahuriri- Industrial Runoff

What's a Profit Today is a Debt for Tomorrow
The next few murals are located on a number of the historic Ahuriri Port restaurant buildings around the Iron Pot.

Three murals by the same artist at West Quay- Global warming & rising sea levels  (and half shadows!)

West Quay, Ahuriri- NZ Endangered Sea Birds

Shed 2, West Quay, Ahuriri- Shark Finning

West Quay, Ahuriri- Hammerhead Data Translation

And on the same wall- Ocean Pollution

This one's not in the Sea Walls project, it's been there for a few years but it joins the one above and the one below together quite nicely.

Customs Quay, Ahuriri- Ingested Plastic Pollution/Lonely Whale Mural

West Quay, Ahuriri- Endangered Seabirds (reminds me of my other favourite wall)

A short distance from all the other Ahuriri murals is this lonley mural on the wall of Aroha & Friends- Ossian Street, Ahuriri- Sustainable Fishing Methods

And then on to the seaside village & cafes of Ahuriri itself and this rather relevant (or ironic) mural, which I'm sure was carefully selected for the site- Shark Conservation

Waghorne Street, Ahuriri- Ghost Nets/Marine Debris

This one is just around the corner from the one above. Some of you will be thinking 'I've seen that one before', I decided to include the ones from the earlier blog so they're all shown together- NZ Endangered Marine Animals

And another repeat in Waghorne St, Ahuriri- Bryde Whales & Fishing Ships Colliding Over Resources

Perfume Point Lighthouse- Marine Protected Areas

And then it's along the waterfront... Napier Port- NZ Endangered Sea Birds

Napier Port (another repeat)- Endangered Maui's Dolphins

And the final one for this blog as I head down Marine Parade to the National Aquarium where, for obvious reasons, there's sure to be some fantastic murals.

Te Pania Carpark, Napier waterfront- Shark Conservation

To be continued....Part 2


  1. Love these vibrant murals! Full of imagination and creativity. How I wish I was there tracing your footsteps to hunt down all of them. Looking forward to the rest and thank you so much for your effort to show them all to us.

    1. You're welcome Offstone, glad you enjoyed the virtual tour.

  2. Talking about sea, it suddenly occurs to me you have very few writing about Northland.

    1. That is on account of us mostly exploring the South Island since we've been on the road. We have explored Northland in our boat and when visiting family up there prior to living on the road and before I started the blog. One day we'll get back up there.

  3. Another very good reason to revisit Napier....wot a great way to beautify blank walls and industrial buildings...adding colour and creativity....heading for Ward beach today for the night.

    1. Yes, you'll have to take a tour of some of the murals when you're back in town Jimu. Hope you're enjoying Ward and it's not too cold once that sun disappears behind the hill.


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