Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sheltering from the Wind


This is just an update post to let you know we have finally finished our mega beach hop south along the east coast. We left Ngawi on the Cape Palliser road this morning, heading for some shelter because of the gale force winds that have been forecast for the next couple of days and we found an amazing POP #5142 (for those that are desperate to find out where we are!).

This is Waiorongomai Station, and it's on the western side of Lake Wairarapa, tucked in below the Rimutaka Forest Park. A beautiful large grassed area surrounded by very mature native trees and the Oreore Stream which is not too far away. There's a 4.5km DOC walk up the stream bed to the Waiorongomai Hut which is located in the forest park- we may do this walk tomorrow but the stream is actually running quite high and it looks like we have to cross it a few times on the way which is a bit of a deterrent. 

Camping here in CSC vehicles is through the goodwill of the station owners and unfortunately dogs are not allowed. We had to maneuver a little under some of the overhanging trees- this was more to save the tyres from getting muddy on a couple of the tracks but we made it through and now we're parked up with the place to ourselves surrounded by blue sky, bird song and a few strong wind gusts.

It feels strange to be back in the bush after all the coastal scenery we've had the last three weeks. And don't worry, I'll be back to finish off the beach blogs soon. 

I can't add a map- the internet connection here is borderline so I'll do it when we have a stronger signal.


  1. Beautiful spot.. looks similar to Four Mile Bush on Pongoroa akitio coast road..Check it out sometime. also had toilets and covered picnic table bush walks and a swimming hole.

    1. Sadly it was raining as we passed 4 Mile Bush and we didn't stop, but we must return, there are a couple of waterfalls we missed in the area too.


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