Sunday, 27 November 2016

We're In Our Happy Place


I told you the rain would follow us and it sure did, it rained for most of the time we were parked beside the Clutha River at Albert Town. And when it cleared this morning we could also see why it was so cold overnight; snow on the mountains surrounding Lake Wanaka. Our diesel heater got another late season workout. 

How would you like to wake up this morning, pull the blinds and sit down to eat breakfast with a fabulous view up the Clutha and onto the mountains behind? Well that was what the Maui camper occupants were expecting to do. The Britz van arrived sometime after dark! 

We'd made a decision over the weekend to move on this morning. Move onto some sunny and warm weather hopefully. Move onto one of our happy places- a bit like comfort food we have a couple of comfort destinations. This particular one is 140kms away over the Lindis...

...and, what do you know, into lupin country and... 

...big salmon country! 

I'm not so sure about that stiff cold breeze blowing off the snow covered mountains behind though...

I'm sure a few thousand lupin photos and a salmon or two will make up for it (are you listening trout- we don't need trout). In a day or two we'll move down the canal to Lake Benmore and set David adrift in the Takacat again.'s great to be back in MacKenzie Country again.

And this just about matches a West Coast sunset...


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    1. Taken as we sped across the Ahuriri River bridge! :) Heading back there before we leave.

  2. I finally got to see the lupins on Saturday :-)

    1. Great, aren't they just lovely. Although I was a little disappointed- I drove into Tekapo yesterday and noticed that they have sprayed and killed many lupins along the roadside and at one of our favourite lakes, Lake MacGregor.

  3. Missed you by a weekend Shellie! I was up in Tekapo for a weekend with my daughter on the 19th. Stayed up by the Clay Cliffs on the Fri night, hoping to catch the sunrise on the Cliffs. It wasn't spectacular but still a nice morning and I had the place to myself.
    Stopped in at the salmon farm at Ruataniwha and looked across at the campers all parked up by the canal - wondered when you'd be back that way.
    As I drove towards Twizel I thought to myself "I'd really like to see this old iron bridge Shellie has mentioned, I wonder where it is" Just then I drove past a signpost that said Old Iron Bridge Road - found it! :)
    It certainly wasn't as windy in Tekapo as last year, but I think the lupins still have a coupe of weeks to go - I noticed they don't look as good as then.
    We went out to Lakes McGregor & Alexandria non Sunday morning and said hello to the resident Aust Crested grebe there. Didn't bother to shoot them as they were a bit far out and the lake was far too choppy. We also went up Mt John on Sunday for lunch, first time I've been up there in daylight. The 360o views are certainly stunning.

    1. Sorry to have missed you! We could have gone on another road trip. Mind you is has been just as windy as our last foray these past few days. It's only just stopped this past day. The lupins at Takapo were past it when I visited, the ones over Lindis had a week to go and the ones at Omarama were just right (blog coming). Glad you found the Iron Bridge, take care.


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