Thursday 25 May 2017

Email Subscription Glitch


I'm having some annoying fun and games with internet technology companies lately.

Now I find out that some (most probably all) of my blog subscribers have not been receiving their email notification each time I post a blog. And that the emails updates have been missing since the beginning of the month which means many of you have missed out on some great adventures.

I actually have a subscription to my blog too, so I can see if it's working or not but unfortunately I also get sent an email as the blog owner and somehow I've overlooked that I stopped receiving the subscription email. Luckily I have a few subscribers (thank you) who alerted me to the problem.

So for the last 3 days I've been following a few leads and trying to sort it out, with mediocre luck so far, although some of you did receive an email this morning with a list for the last three blog posts. This was after I did a little bit of programming to the feed link (no, I don't understand either, I'm just following a few suggestions I found on-line).

But I need everyone that has subscribed to receive an email so I'm still working through it and waiting on replies from a few of Mr Google's forums.

Of course, if you don't get an email letting you know about this blog post you're not going to be any the wiser that I have a problem either. But just in case you happen to think- 'Hmmm....I haven't seen any of those fantastic blog posts from Shellie lately, I might just visit the blog to see if she is still working her butt off", then you'll know she is and no she hasn't forgotten you.

And if you're one of the ones that has missed the last few alerts and want to catch up, look out in the right hand column of the blog and find the month of May, all May's posts are listed beneath the May heading.

Feel free to add a comment below to let me know either way if you have or have not had any notifications recently.

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully I can resolve this problem soon.


  1. I have just received an email. I think I have been receiving emails though I'm not 100% sure (head injury = lousy memory). I haven't missed any of you blogs.

    1. Thanks Carol, I think you must have been keeping up-to-date by reading the links I posted in MHF (as you've suggested in your next comment). I'd appreciate it if you did let me know, if you do happen to notice the emails stop arriving again. Thanks.

  2. I'd not seen any emails for a while and then had one yesterday with 3 blog posts in one. I just thought you'd had a holiday :)

    1. Haha, what do you mean 'had a holiday!" I'm on a full-time holiday! ;)
      Thanks for the update, I think I'm the master of my own demise- it's starting to look like my posts are far too long and have way too many photos for the feed to send, apparently there's a size limit and I'm over it all the time! :)
      I'm assuming(because you've commented) that you also got the notification email for this latest post too.

  3. I was thinking, maybe I have seen your blogs via MHF? Do you post the link there?

  4. Thanks for your update first email for a while thanks, but now 26/5/17 another so maybe sorted?
    Thanks Oldstews.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, this is good news. I'm sorry you haven't been receiving the email notifications, you'll now have one heck of a lot of reading to do, to catch up! :) Do let me know if you notice them stop again, there are still some people that haven't received this latest notification. I am still working through a few things but it looks like I am writing too much for the feed size!


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