Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Lady Behind The Lens


I know many of you are NZMCA members and will have already read the following article but for those that aren't members, here's the write-up that appeared in the latest Motor Caravanner magazine.

At first I was a little reluctant to come out from behind my camera when Katrina (a friend and fellow 5th-wheeler) asked if I'd mind if she wrote a item about me and our lifestyle. It didn't take too long for her and David to convince me that people would be interested in reading a 'behind the scenes' article. Katrina sent me 101 questions to answer and I was away typing- you know me, I can't stop my fingers once I start typing (and she didn't really send 101 questions, just sufficient to glean enough relevant information).

It was a lovely surprise to find out that Chris (editor) had also chosen one of my photos for the cover of the latest magazine- Autumn in Bannockburn, Central Otago. This is my 6th cover and because I've now run out of room on our lounge's tiny wall space, I'm now having to hang the older framed covers in the toilet! Framing them is not something I'd normally do but it just seems to fit in with our nomadic lifestyle (and cover some crappy wallpaper).

And here's the article- the first two pages were a double spread of the sunrise photo from Hinahina in the Catlins. I've increased the size of the other pages so you'll be able to read the article a little better, remember to click on the photo to enlarge. But if you're still struggling to read it, there's a link to a PDF at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy! And a big thankyou to Katrina, who did an awesome job in gathering it altogether and asking the right questions.

The Lady Behind The Lens- PDF


  1. Excellent article, Shellie, I really enjoyed it and the dreamy photographs. Having followed your blog for awhile, I knew most of the answers already--you share your life most generously--but it was fun to read it as an article. Every time I lift my camera, or, more often these days my iphone, to take a picture on one of our UK holidays, I think of you. What an inspiration your photographs are to an amateur DIY snapper! Keep on trucking on!

    1. Many thanks Kathy for your lovely comments, it makes it all worthwhile when I know people enjoy reading about and following our travels.

  2. We savour each and every blog post you write, Shellie, and also enjoyed seeing you "in print" in the NZMCA magazine. Congratulations indeed, and may you keep writing and taking those glorious photos for years to come.
    Jenny and Robin, Romany Rambler

    1. Thanks so much Jenny & Robin for your comments, they're much appreciated. As a fellow blogger Jenny, I know you are aware how much work goes into writing posts and you also know it's makes it all worthwhile when you receive encouragement and lovely comments like yours! Thanks.


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