Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Napier's Art Deco Week- A Step Back in Time


Just in case you hadn't noticed, I've been off the blog radar for the last week.

We've just had the most fantastic week parked up with approximately 200 other RVs on Napier's Marine Parade celebrating the 30th anniversary of Napier's Art Deco Week.

And, we managed to somehow (by being 8th in the queue) get the prime spot in the camp! The weather was amazing; every day hot and sunny and well over 30c. 

Sunrise- Spirit of Napier Fountain
In fact it was far too hot some days, and very muggy. But what amazing sunrises and sunsets I managed to capture from our coveted beachside spot.

We had no intentions of attending Art Deco this year, we've been to a few over the years and I've also written a few blogs on it too, but when we were finally ready to leave Napier it seemed a bit daft to head off one week out from Art Deco. I mean, think of all the photo opportunities I might have missed. 

And boy, do I have a few hundred photos! 

On their way to the Depression Dinner
It's going to take me a wee while to process them all but I'm determined to get through them and, like last time, I'll upload them to a Flickr album in due course and post the link here on another blog so you can peruse them at your leisure. 

Being parked just 1.3kms from the Soundshell and hub of the Art Deco festivities meant I could head off down the waterfront walkway to the various events, leaving David to relax in camp.

Family Deco Hat Happy Hour
And I guess this is now Part 5 of the Napier series.... 'but wait, I don't remember reading Part 4', I hear you say. That's because it's still waiting in the wings but I will post it next, I promise.

The next few blog posts might be a bit intermittent as we head off from Napier on Thursday, up around the East Coast where viable internet connections are few and far between.

Vintage Memorial Flying Display
Here are a few more Art Deco photos from some of the events to whet your appetite-

Vintage Railcar RM31 shuttle between Napier & Hastings-

NZMCA members about to leave camp- 

Deco Dog Parade (but wait there's more....so many more cute photos! I took a photo of just about every entry, the Deco Dogs will have their own album!)

Gatsby Picnic-

Vintage Car Parade-

Soap Box Derby-

Celebrations on the Street-

Strolling (or biking) the Promenade-

 And this guy looked like I felt, come Sunday afternoon-

 I hope you've enjoyed this little sampler, I can't wait to show you the rest of them.

Here are the photo albums with plenty of Art Deco fashion, vehicles and entertainment-

Art Deco Vintage Car Parade- 2018

Art Deco Out & About- 2018

Deco Dog Parade- 2018


  1. Oh Shellie you cannot imagine how inspired I am by your blog and excellent photographs. I stumbled upon your blog as a link from Trip advisor and have spent my entire weekend going through your 5 years on the road. I am coming to the South Island soon.. 2 weeks time ... to do a campervan trip. I'm so excited but still afraid to do the freedom camping thing. What camera do you use? I've also just started photography and like you love landscapes, animals and strangely enough churches and cemeteries... yes you read correctly, cemeteries.

    1. Hi Michele, sorry for the delay in responding, we've been out of range quite a number of times lately (and I'm not sure you'll even get this now because is a general comment not linked to your own account). Thanks so much for your lovely comments, much appreciated. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed reading the blog and enjoying the photos and I guess you're already in the Sth Island or have been and gone. I hope you've had a lovely time. I have just updated my Nikon D7100 to a D7500 and am enjoying using the new features it has. I love cemeteries too! Let me know if you have any other queries, safe travels.


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