Monday 5 November 2018

Rainbow Falls NZMCA Park, Kerikeri


I'm jumping the queue with this blog but don't worry I'll be back to doing them in order once this one is posted. We're now at the Rainbow Falls NZMCA Park in Kerikeri and I just wanted to do this blog while it's fresh in my mind; it's such a great site with lovely gardens, fruit trees and this cute 'lighthouse' kiosk where members sign in.

It's a lovely peaceful place to stay and I'd like to pass on a big thankyou to all the Far North NZMCA members and volunteers who have developed and look after this lovely site for all of us to enjoy. It's very much appreciated!

There's not too many NZMCA Parks where you'll find beautiful orchids flowering along the fence line near the entrance gate. We're definitely in the sub-tropical north now.

It's a large triangle shaped park with plenty of space although there are a couple of minor parking restrictions to watch out for; a shallow ditch runs through the centre of the park. Vans can be backed up to the ditch from both sides...

...and there's a section along the planted boundary- between the signs- where only caravans can park. This is to protect the neighbours from the rumble of engines and diesel fumes when visitors arrive and/or charge their batteries. There seems to be very few caravans on the road at the moment...

...which is why we've found ourselves all on our lonesome at the far end of park and on what we now think is the best site.

There's lots of birdsong, no neighbours, it's sunny and we overlook the lovely gardens over the boundary fence.  

Not to mention the citrus trees that are planted all along our side of the fence! It's a pity the mandarins & feijoas aren't ready, the only ones with fruit at the moment are the grapefruit. Along with plenty of ripe fruit, there's a beautiful scent (and lots of buzzing bees) coming from the flowers that are smothering the trees.

Blackbirds and silvereyes are feeding off some of the dropped fruit, I cut a few of them open so they didn't have to struggle to break through the skin. I also brought a few inside and prepared them for breakfast with a little too much brown sugar! Not. I knew I'd put that grapefruit knife to use one day; I don't know why though because I'm not really a fan of grapefruit and David's not allowed it due to medication he is taking. One won't hurt him I'm sure. 

There's also another gem near the park. We're just a short 20 metres from a magnificent waterfall; Rainbow Falls.

Over the style and a few steps away is a large platform that overlooks the top of the falls. I can hear the rumble through my open bedroom window at night.

A track, part of the Kerikeri River Track leads down to the bottom of the spectacular 27 metre falls. You can see the top platform at the top right in this photo. 

The 4km track (no dogs allowed) continues on down the river to the Kerikeri Basin Reserve and the historic Stone Store & Kemp House.

The track is also part of the Te Araroa Trail (The Long Pathway) but it was still a surprise to see two walkers had set up camp across the weir at the top of the falls. I bet they got a surprise too, to see so many people staring back at them from the other side. It was the weekend so there were many visitors.

I've been waiting for a decent sunset so I could capture the falls as the sun went down but each time thick grey cloud has rolled in just as the sun disappeared.

The best shot so far was from another viewing area near the top platform, no blazing colours though just a subtle dusky hue.

Now, back to catching up....


  1. How many nights can you stay

    1. The usual amount of time for most NZMCA Parks, ten nights.

  2. Can you camp with a tent and what is price

    1. No, unfortunately not. This is a private camp for NZMCA (NZ Motor Caravan Association) members only.


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