Thursday 3 December 2020

Night Sky Cottages Are Go


What can I say but sorry folks for the lack of contact over the last few weeks. I know, here I am again apologising for the lack of posts, and shock, horror, I am really disappointed with myself that there were no posts for November. That's the first time in the eight year history of the blog that I have missed a whole month! 

Hence the reason I'm now posting this blog, I don't want December to follow suit! No, not really although there is a little truth in there somewhere. With a busy Christmas season ahead of us, I probably won't be back posting regularly again until the New Year.  

And many of you will know the reason for the lack of postings, for the last six months we have been parked up in Twizel preparing our property purchase 'Night Sky Cottages' for the holiday home rental market. 

Kahu Cottage

Hot tub under the stars- Kahu Cottage

It's been a long haul that didn't come without a lot of  'blood, sweat & tears', not to mention fog, snow & frosts but we are finally finished and are both thrilled with the end result! It's going to be hard to pull out of here next week, the roots have gone a lot deeper this time.

Kea Cottage

Wild Flower Garden & Strawberry Patch

Last night the cottages' Facebook page went live so I thought you might like to see them in all their glory, click this link below to view, find the 'Photo' tab at the top of the page for the interior shots and don't forget to follow if you'd like to keep up to date with the news, & views, of Mackenzie Country- 

Night Sky Cottages Facebook Page 

Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

If I don't manage to get back here before Christmas, we'd like to wish all my readers a relaxing & happy holiday season after what has been a horrendous year for many of us. Keep safe & do get 'Out There' and explore your own backyard, you may be surprised at what you find. 

Take care & best regards

Shellie & David     


  1. Fantastic Shellie. I can see why it's called the Night Sky Cottages. Love the shot of the cottage framed by the night sky.

    1. Thanks Mike, things are moving along at a great pace all things considered.

  2. Stunning Shellie. Trust it all goes well and your guests love and look after the Cottages as much as you obviously do!

    1. Thanks Barbara, so far so good *touch wood* :)

  3. They look fab...and what a stunning night sky you have arranged for visitors.
    I'm sure there was some sweat involved in moving those rocks into position around the hottub too! Merry Christmas to you both :)

    1. Hi Tim, sorry I missed replying before Christmas but I trust you had a good one too (all things considered). Hope all is ok over there too, you guys are doing it tough now into your 3rd lockdown is it? Stay safe & keep well.

    2. Hi Shellie, Yes, we're all getting a bit fed up of being "locked up"... hopefully with the vaccine rollout things will start to improve for us soon. It's all gives us extra chance to plan our NZ travels... We have a $25 deposit sitting in a Clyde Cycle Hire shop so we will definitely be back for that one day! lol. All the best.


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