Saturday 31 August 2013

Nikon- Customer Satisfaction

As most of you know I'm an avid amateur photographer. Last September after a lot of research I "jumped ship" from a Sony DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) to Nikon, this was a major purchase because not only did I need to buy the camera body but lenses as well, you can't just swap glass between brands. I also purchased a few "necessary" extras.

I'm now officially poor but boy did I have fun!! :) by flyingkiwigirl

But this post isn't about what I bought last year, it's also not about the customer satisfaction of purchasing Nikon (although I am completely & happily satisfied with my choice) This post is about the excellent customer PR I received from the camera shop I dealt with. And what they did to retain my custom.

I became aware through various means that the D7000 body I had purchased new was in fact not, it had just over 2000 clicks(shutter count) already on board when I opened the box(which in the scheme of things isn't that many, but still, it was not new). And it wasn't as straight forward as it sounds but it took me a few months to query it with the shop. I sent an email to the manager/owner outlining the issue & almost immediately got a personal call back from him.

He was very, very apologetic & explained to me what he had found out. Basically without going into too much detail, the camera had been returned to the shop after about 2 weeks use by a long term customer  and had been left on the stock desk in its packaging with a note indicating it was second-hand and that's the last anyone can recall it. It went into the computer stock system as second hand & was in fact still showing as being in stock. It would seem that somehow the note went missing & it was placed in the new camera stock & it was picked as new. I was happy with the explanation & believe it to be genuine. The manager was unsure why it hadn't been picked up in the stock take that it was missing & has apologized but assures me it was a genuine mistake.

And now for the PR & customer satisfaction. He offered me a number of options to rectify the problem; a new replacement, return of my money, an upgrade with a price difference or discount off other goods. I decided to upgrade my D7000 to the D7100 body which came out in April. I had to pay the difference between the price I paid back in September & the D7100 retail price, this I was more than happy with. I also received some discount off another lens I required & when I opened the box they had thrown in a free 8gb memory card too.

Now that is the way to keep customers happy & returning. I won't mention the name of the shop because I don't believe it serves any purpose but it was a large well know shop in NZ's biggest city. It's pleasing to know that there are still businesses out there that are prepared to accept their mistakes & look after their customers 100%.

Taken with my phone & out of focus!  

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