Saturday 28 September 2013


I've been doing blogs for some time, some on our overseas trips (which were great to keep family & friends up to date with our travels), one I started on NZ Country Churches which I shifted to Flickr  & then there was a very special one on My Mate Moko, the friendly wild bottle nose dolphin who visited several towns around the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It was a once in a life time experience & a great privilege for me when I swum with Moko over a number of months late one summer three years ago. It was also with great sadness that I attended Moko's memorial service in Whakatane after he went missing and was found washed up on a beach near our city's harbour a few weeks later.

Moko- a dolphin & a boy
It got me thinking about all my writings floating around out there in cyber space & about not having a hard copy to share or pass on if, or should I say when, I'm not around anymore. I had come across this website, Blog2Print, a long while ago & it sowed a seed. I saved it to my favourites and then once I had enough posts in my Tiki Touring blog I decided to have a first volume printed along with Moko's story. I had to carefully (not so it would seem) go through every post checking & correcting any mistakes I found. There were lots of layout options to choose from, hard or soft covered books along with different fonts & colours to choose. It was all very easy to follow & once I hit the submit button it only took two weeks for them to arrive on my doorstep from the States. And that was choosing the slow post option as well. So now I can quite happily say that I'm a published author!

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