Friday, 8 November 2013

Gwavas Homestead & Woodland Garden

Last Saturday Mum & I joined a bus load of local ladies & travelled to the historic Gwavas homestead & woodland garden at Tikokino, just south of Hastings in Hawkes Bay, for a tour of the gardens & house followed by a lovely lunch in dining room.

Originally part of Gwavas Station, the homestead, which was built in 1890, was the third to be built on the property, with the first being built 30 years earlier. It is now a Historic Places Trust  Category 1 listed home and has what is thought to be one of  the finest examples of a heart totara (native NZ tree) panelled entrance hall & staircase in NZ.

Much of the homestead's history has been preserved due to the fact that the house had remained unoccupied for 46 years. After the death of last occupant, Mrs Hudson, in 1962 the homestead was closed up and left as it was until 2008 when her granddaughter & husband arrived to bring the house back to life. Toothbrushes were still in the bathroom, clothes in the wardrobes, library books gathering dust  in the library & in the kitchen, food was still in the pantry along with a fabulous collection of vintage kitchen kiwiana. Many pieces of the furniture are still in pristine condition, there’s even an original working gramophone.
Most of the trees in the garden were planted during the 1880s and form a magnificent backdrop to the beautiful woodland garden full of rhododendron, azaleas & magnolias amongst others.
You can see more of the flowers here;  Gwavas Homestead & Gardens 

Beside the homestead are some lovely old out buildings including this glasshouse which was once heated by a boiler. The covered raspberry patch was planted in the 1890s & is still producing berries for jam which can be purchased at the homestead.
"The Doors"


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