Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Kaikoura- Don't look now...

We were parked up in the rain on the Kaikoura waterfront having lunch when I looked up to see this. There‘s even a woman under one of the raindrops sitting in the back seat with a video camera! I doubt it will go viral but I guess we’re going to make it onto someone’s home movies.

After lunch we carried on along the waterfront to Fyffe Point where the Peninsular Walkway leads around to a couple of seal colonies, not that we had intention of doing the walk in the rain but I was hoping there might have been a few seals resting near the carpark.

And there was, and not only on the rocks but lounging about under the flax bushes beside the boardwalk. They reminded me of the big fat sows (& the occasional boar) from the pig farm of my childhood.


At only a metre or so away, they were totally oblivious to any observers, not even opening an eye to check us out. A geese family wandered about in amongst the seals & I was waiting in trepidation for a seal to take a snap at them but no, they slumbered on.

There's also a another seal under the flax bush on right

After the visiting the seals we carried on south along the rocky coastline following the narrow & winding main state highway through a couple of tight tunnels that had us checking the sides as we passed through.

We pulled into the NZMCA Park at Parnassus in North Canterbury with it still raining & where we were greeted by a noisy & friendly peacock no doubt looking for hand outs.

The Association have about 18 parks scattered around the country and as long as you are members you are free to park over at any of the properties for the miniscule fee of $2 per person per night, basically just helping with maintenance, some just request a gold coin donation. And even at this tiny amount some quibble & moan & from experience leave without paying. I can’t understand it, $2 is hardly going to break the bank & look what you get, a safe & secure resting spot for the night in a good location. There are some that aren’t even aware that a payment is required; those are the ones, I bet, that hold up the long lines of traffic. Totally ignorant to the world around them.

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