Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lake Huts & Longdrops

Following on from this post on Lake Onslow here are the photos of the huts & loos.....

We wandered along the front of the huts admiring the whacky collection of ramshackle holiday homes with their wonderful views of Lake Onslow. Everyone was a masterpiece in its own right, made up from the old, the new and the recycled with corrugated iron being the material of choice for many.

The stories they could tell. A lifetime of family & fishing holiday photos & mementoes hung on the inside walls of the huts we could see into, magazines from yesteryear & dog eared paperbacks cluttered the coffee tables. Seventies kitchen kitsch graced the benches and walls, a trio of china ducks flew across the lounge wall of one hut.



And very near each hut; some beside, some in front and some way back behind were the long drops with their million dollar views.


  1. Huh the previous comment didn't post, which was... Wow with view from the long drops who would shut the door!

    1. Obviously a glitch in the system, part of it did come through but I deleted it for you :)
      Yes there certainly would be no need to shut the door, I even think one or two didn't have a door!

  2. Hi my hut is the green horizontal iron (7th one down).
    Glad you enjoyed the view. Best camping spots are tucked in around the trees (in the back of the 4th hut) you just have to move around depending on the wind direction. Take warm clothes with you even in summer as it can hail and snow ant time of the year. The 4th & 5th huts belong to the Teviot fishing club. there is a boat ramp down to the nw of the huts

    1. Thanks for stopping by, you have one of the prime spots and best looking huts! What a fabulous place to have a hut. I loved Lake Onslow-I could quite happily stay out there for a few weeks- as long as I had some good books, plenty of wine and the diesel heater. I just loved the isolation. We will be back. Thanks for the info on the other huts too, it's great to find out more details. Cheers, Shellie


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