Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Gibbston Valley Gold

It’s not only wine that brings “gold” into the valley.

This vineyard has gone into receivership, the grapes left on the vines for the birds to enjoy, which they were; the birdsong was deafening. We know this because we had to wait at a road stop for about 30 minutes while they were blasting rock off the bluff over the gorge road. The stop/go lady filled us in on why the grapes were uncovered & still on the vines.

The grapes have been harvested, the vines uncovered on this vineyard.

Approaching the Nevis Bluff corner, this is where the Nevis River enters the Kawarau River. We crossed a much smaller Nevis River when we drove the Nevis Road. I find it fascinating when I look at a map how close, as the crow flies, it is between different areas we have visited.

Autumn in the Kawarau Gorge

Roaring Meg Power Station reserve, Kawarau Gorge

Goldfields Mining centre, Kawarau Gorge, Cromwell

The Victoria Bridge over the Kawarau River


Poplar sunbursts

Chard Farm Vineyard in the Gibbston Valley is located on a spectacular narrow terrace above the Kawarau River Gorge and on the other side of the main highway through the gorge. The poplars line the road into the winery.

Chard Farm Winery, Gibbston Valley, Queenstown

Old Town Cromwell & Lowburn next......

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