Monday, 9 June 2014

The Final Chapter- The Lawrence Lions

Of course after all the intrigue created by my discovery of the existence of the Lawrence Lions there was just one more thing I had to do to complete the story; visit the lions at the Otago Museum’s Animal Attic in Dunedin.

This is where Sultan & Sonia now “live”, in a glass case surrounded by hundreds of stuffed animals, birds & bugs from around the world. Really quite a grotesque sight, but morbidly fascinating all the same. Those Victorians have a lot to answer for.

Footnote- the internet really is an amazing place. I received a comment on my blog post (link above) from the daughter of the man who shot the lions.

From Sarah Lodge;
Hi, it was my father who shot the lions. He is a real animal lover and hated killing such magnificent creatures. However, Craig the 6 yr old boy had been quite badly injured along with his mother by Sonya the female, so it had to be. 


  1. An amazing story.....your post may not be the final I think lots more people will be visiting Lawrence and the Otago included!

    1. Thanks Jimu, you may right, there could still be people that see me story & have a link to the lions. At least we're building up a history on them.


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