Monday 27 October 2014


Meet Bluey the labradoodle. Bluey was one of at least a dozen dogs that came camping at Kenepuru Head with their owners over the long weekend. This DOC camp allows dogs which is obviously why it’s a popular place amongst dog owners.

Bluey knows his place when he goes camping, it’s right up there beside Mum & Dad in their motorhome and when they’re busy entertaining and he gets bored, he likes to sit in the drivers seat keeping a watchful eye on passing dogs. And wekas. ‘If only I could catch one’ he thinks, as he tries to squeeze out the window.

Bluey is very good at high-fiving for treats. He knows the routine and he likes showing us how he does it. Again and again. He’s got the measure of his doting ‘parents’ Jan & John.

Bluey you are a darling. Most of the time.

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