Thursday, 9 October 2014

Moon over Marlborough

Hot off the press- for those that didn't wait up; shots of the lunar eclipse & blood moon over Elaine Bay last night. The sky was clear for the most part, a thin veil of cloud passed over a few times which was frustrating. And I lost the focus once the total eclipse happened and had to manually second-guess focus as my eyes aren't that wonderful at night & especially when it's pitch black!. Even trying to focus on Live View was an impossibility. 

I had a whole heap of fun out there (ha- pun not intended!), I had the whole reserve to myself (if you don't count whatever was scurrying about in the bushes and down near the water). I didn't get to bed until 2am! I ended up doing some night sky shots and 'light-painting' the van (I'll post those in another blog). It was quite spooky watching the moon lit bay disappear into darkness and then re-emerge an hour or so later. Enjoy!


  1. The Man in the moon was a bit red faced....2am a popular time this morn

    1. Haha, very good. He made me wait though, I know a few people who went to bed before he turned red, they thought the cloud had covered the colour or in fact didn't think it had happened. Patience is a virtue, he slowly turned red after the total eclipse.


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