Sunday, 14 December 2014

Coffee Art

We had breakfast yesterday morning with some friends at Pronto Café which is under the Towers & just across the road from the Main Beach at the Mount. While I enjoyed my bacon & scrambled eggs, it was the flat white that impressed me the most.

It may only be frothy foam but this, in my opinion,  is an incredible work of art by a talented barista. I’m sure a high degree of patience is needed to produce this; patience & a short queue!

Pronto Café also do seriously good burgers.


  1. Hi Shelie,
    If that's what you look like before that coffee, what do you look like after?
    Creativity is everywhere when your looking and you do!

  2. Ps that blog must be the record.... Only one photo

    1. You're right Jimu, a record! And another one today. I am still waiting- not so patiently now- for my camera to be returned. Can you see the smoke coming out my ears? :)


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