Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Lewis Road Creamery

I finally fell for all the marketing hype and purchased a very rare bottle of chocolate flavoured milk today. Although I had no intentions of doing this, I don’t particularly like chocolate milk. It is true, I like milk and I like chocolate but together they have never had much appeal. Now if it was strawberry or lime or even banana or coffee flavoured milk, that would be a different story. I LOVE flavoured milk. Just not chocolate.

But as I was wheeling my trolley around the supermarket religiously ticking off the items on my shopping list- you have to do this when living on the road, otherwise you get back to the van and spend the next half hour trying to find places to store the extra items, then you forget where you've put the extra items and end up buying the same things all over again!

Anyway, I digress, I was walking around the supermarket and there on the shelf beside the regular milk supply was a whole shelf of Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Flavoured milk! There was a large sign stuck to the front of the shelf- ‘Limit- two per person’. There were only 300ml size bottles left, right next door was a large empty shelf which would have held the 750ml bottles earlier this morning- they were now gone……but wait, I spied one lonely 750ml bottle hiding at the back pretending to be a little brother. I reached in to select it and it was whipped away in front of my eyes. A young ‘lady’ leaned in from the left and grabbed it. It has been known for supermarkets to employ security guards to make sure customers stick to the limits and don’t end up fighting each other, I can see why. Oh well, I didn’t really need the bigger bottle so I settled for the smaller one.

What a dream marketing job Lewis Road Creamery has done, imagine introducing a new product and from the get go not being able to meet demand. Lewis Road Creamery uses only organic Jersey milk and I think this has a lot to do with it’s appeal. Jersey milk is known to be richer & creamier in taste and texture. I know this for a fact, I was brought up on a dairy farm with a Jersey herd, the cream was sold and the skim milk fed to the pigs.

I did nearly forget to take a photo of my purchase today, I had downed half the bottle before I remembered.

And the verdict? Well, it did taste lovely, it was smooth and creamy and I could definitely taste the Whittakers chocolate (a NZ brand). It was very sweet though and when I checked it out I can see why, it has a very high sugar content, one of the highest of the flavoured milks, 29g of sugar or more than seven teaspoons per 250ml!

This could well be my first and last bottle of Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate flavoured milk, it's not available in the South Island.


  1. No wine for you tonight - you've already had your "burst" for the day !

    1. Spoil-sport! :) That might be why I was feeling a little under the weather later in the evening; milk & wine are not a great combination.


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