Sunday 15 March 2015

Classic Boat Show- Lake Rotoiti

While we were at Lake Rotoiti, the NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show was held at Kerr Bay over the weekend. Sadly for the organisers the weekend was a disaster weather wise; there was torrential rain overnight on Friday which flooded much of the large grassed area when the displays were. For a brief hour or so on Saturday morning the rain stopped only to return mid morning and rain solidly until late afternoon. Sunday dawned fine but it didn’t last long with passing showers and the odd heavy fall for most of the day, it was also rather cold. The sun (and humidity) finally made an appearance mid-afternoon just as the last of the hardy competitors & stalwarts were packing up to leave.

I managed to take quite a number of photos in between the showers and have uploaded them to a Flickr album which you’ll find here if you’d like to see them all.

Below is a small selection if you don’t manage (or want) to check the album out.

The only ones pleased with the rain were the ducks!

Considering the weather & the distance people had to travel there was still a reasonable turn out from the public, although most sat in their cars or took shelter under the marquees whenever a squall came through. A sharp contrast to the previous weekend when jetboat racing was held and the weather was extremely hot and sunny.

This chap had the right idea.

There were a number of lovely old steamboats plying the waters, giving rides to paying guests.

The ‘old’ and the ‘new’-

The most popular boats of all were the ‘monsters’, classic motorboats over 18’.

While some of the racing was cancelled because of the weather, the monsters (named that by the organisers) managed to fit in a few races but they were off in the distance and hard to see because of the drizzle and haze.

Once launched or after a race, the boats pulled up on the beach in front of the crowd.

As we were walking over to the show a guy sitting on a chilly bin (esky) went roaring past us up the road, I found him later with his unusual mode of transport beside another little beauty. A Morris Minor truck towing the tiniest little caravan you ever did see. With the kitchen at the rear, water & ablutions on one side and a sleeping compartment  on the other this guy was set up for travel on the road. Given his age, I’m not so sure he’d manage to get himself through his bedroom door though. And he certainly wouldn't want to invite a lady back for the night!

These small hydroplanes were fascinating to watch, they travel at quite a speed. Although the bottom guy was having a few issues.

The model boats attracted some attention from the local ducks. Perhaps because I saw a few nearly get a boat up the rear when they swam across the race course.

This lovely boat belonged to one of our neighbours at the camp site.

The sailing boats raced back and forth across the bay, their colourful sails adding a bright spot to the overcast days.

A number of canoes, kayaks and whalers were paddled and rowed along the water front.

Although the weather put a dampener on the weekend it was still great to see all the old boats and to also see the joy they brought to their owners & especially once they had them in the water. The prize for the most dedicated would have to go to this guy who steamed his way up and down the bay for most of the day, towing a cute little dinghy behind him all the way….I really wanted to hitch a ride in that dinghy.

And just in case you missed the link above to the photo album, here it is again- NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show, Lake Rotoiti

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