Thursday, 19 March 2015

Volunteers Without Gumboots

That’s the terminology DOC (Department of Conservation) use for people that don’t necessarily get out in the ‘Great Outdoors’ volunteering their services for monitoring, trapping, weeding or planting. There's a whole host of volunteers contributing to conservation while staying warm and toasty in the office, at home or in their fifth-wheeler as the case may be (Gumboots, for my overseas readers, are Wellington boots).

About 18 months ago I was contacted by a lovely lady from DOC who had seen some of my photos on Flickr. She wanted to know if I’d be willing to let DOC use them in a brochure. One thing led to another and after thinking a lot about it, I decided here was something I could do to help DOC and New Zealand conservation. Rather than the physical work involved with the usual volunteering, the fact that we’re on the move most of the time and most importantly, because we spend a lot of time enjoying DOC’s hard work in the parks and walks we visit, I decided to give DOC access to as many of my photos as they wanted.

Over the last year or so I’ve been aware of the odd photo being used on information boards located out in the field and also in some of the new brochures printed for various walks etc.

But it is with some pride that I can report (I’m allowed to pat myself on the back aren’t I?), last night, after many months of hard work, the brand new DOC website went live and there, in over 300 places throughout their complex website, are many of my photos taking the prime banner position with many more in the small photos and albums linked to the activity or bird. Unfortunately I missed out on the opening home page banner but really, who could resist that cheeky looking weka! (You’ll have to click the DOC link below to see)

Above & below are a few screen shots I gathered together of some of my photos that were used. Even David makes an appearance on a few occasions. If you would like to check the DOC site out, here’s the link-

DOC- Department of Conservation

And if you type Shellie Evans in the search box in the top right corner you’ll be presented with a very long list of links that have my photos in them. Once the link is opened you can see who has taken the photo (me!) by clicking on the little camera icon showing at the top right of the photo. Of course the ‘camera’ icon in these photos doesn’t work, they are just screen shots from the actual website.

I’m thrilled to bits to be a part of the volunteer team at DOC and very proud to be able to do ‘my bit’ for New Zealand conservation. Of course I couldn't do it all without my best mate beside me; whether it's driving, carry the pack, finding birds, being very patient as I take shots or most importantly, being my walking buddy. Thanks darling for your contribution to NZ's conservation too!


  1. Re Doc photos, Fantastic Shellie, that's more than one feather in your cap......and a little birdie told me so!

    1. Thanks Jimu, much appreciated. I'm tickled pink (by that feather) ;)


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