Friday 24 April 2015

The Earth Moved

I interrupt the blog post flow again......

Another first for me on our travels. We're parked up at Lake Brunner, inland from Greymouth on the West Coast.  David's gone fishing and I'm catching up on blogs when all of a sudden 'Out There' starts rocking and rolling. At first I thought someone must be pushing the side of the van but then it got stronger, there was a couple of sharp jolts and the van started swaying sideways. An earthquake! Coming from Hawkes Bay I've felt a few earthquakes in my time and this one was a beauty.

Media reports say it's a 6.3 earthquake centered north west of Kaikoura on the east coast which is just about opposite us. 

It was kinda comforting knowing that I wasn't in a building and that there are no buildings near by, I only had to worry about the ground opening up and swallowing us! I can feel the aftershocks as I type. We'll be in for a rocky night....and I won't be able to blame David as he stumbles to the loo.

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