Saturday 11 April 2015

Mirror Tarn Reflections- Oparara Basin

These stunningly beautiful reflections come from an amazing little pond deep in the Oparara Basin rainforest; the Mirror Tarn.

A forest pool of dark, tannin stained water surrounded and sheltered by tall trees, creates a surface reflection so perfect it’s difficult to see where the land ends and the water begins. It’s also hard to decide which way is up with the photos.

We can thank the foresight of a local bushman who saved the surrounding tall rimu trees from being felled, he saw the beauty in the pond and fought to save the tarn from being destroyed.

Can you see the face quietly watching?

The sun poked it’s head out for brief moment and lit up the bush in this corner.

With just the birdsong for company, this is a place for reflection and of reflections.

The Mirror Tarn was the absolute highlight of my visit to the Oparara Basin, it’s hard to imagine that such amazing beauty can be contained in one tiny pool of water.


  1. Absolutely stunning Shellie... beauty in its truest of forms

    1. Thanks Rioghann, glad you enjoyed the photos.


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