Monday 7 September 2015

We’re on the Move

We woke up in stunning Whites Bay to a chilly frost and sunny skies this morning. David woke up with itchy feet.

Once again we feel like we’re marking time before we cross back over to the North Island and head to Tauranga & then Napier to catch up with family and friends- it happened last year before we returned for Christmas too.

So with the weather forecast looking good for a smooth crossing tomorrow, we’re now booked on the new Bluebridge ferry, the Strait Feronia for a 2pm sailing. I was keen to check out the new ferry so the timing worked out well. I also just happen to have a photo of the ship- taken the other day when we passed through Picton, that's it in the foreground.

We decided to shift over the hill to the Rarangi DOC campground for our last night and then drive the 30kms or so to Picton in the morning. It must have been the shortest shift ever- 5 winding kilometres from Whites Bay to Rarangi! We stopped at the top of the hill so I could take a photo looking out over the Rarangi Beach.

The DOC Camp at Rarangi is the exact opposite of Whites Bay, this one is very regimented. It has six fenced hardstand fingers in the centre of the reserve available for RVs, tents are pitched on the grass area. It reminded me of a cow stall in a milking shed, we had to carefully back in and allow enough room for the slide-out to clear the knee high fence.

I guess it’s better than some of the commercial campgrounds where you’re parked right alongside your neighbour, there’s plenty of space between the fingers. It could be quite a gathering in the summer when all the fingers are full, you could have a street party in the middle. Or the movanners equivalent of a street party- hmm....that's called Happy Hour isn't it. And some disappointed people too as I’m sure the fingers would fill quickly.

Excuse the wires, but here’s a photo looking down on the camp, you can see the fingers clearly here, we’re parked in middle one on the left.

We’ll be in Wellington for a couple of nights, one of the reasons I was happy to cross this week is because there’s a very special ‘something’ that is only in town until the weekend and this’ll be one of the few chances we’ll ever get to see ‘it’. Something I've had on my bucket list for awhile….but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is.

See you on the other side of the ditch...

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