Friday, 14 April 2017

#Sew Love


We were leaving Lowburn (near Cromwell) this morning, on a cold and dreary day, when suddenly this bright ray of sunshine caught my eye. 

Meet Sarah...

and her cute as a button campervan 'Cecil' with his eye catching hashtag paint job. 

Sarah is on a mission, this creative and enthusiastic lady is nearing the end of a South Island tour 'solar sewing'; she holds sewing workshops at op shops and markets where she teaches others how to make cool items from preloved clothes and materials.  Sarah remodels or sews new items using old fabrics which are cheap and sustainable, and if bought from op shops helps other good causes too.

Sarah has also found a ready supply of customers at the many camping areas she stays at- alterations, repairs, hems, she'll do them all for you. Now that is enterprising, how many of us carry a  sewing machine around in the back locker. She runs her machines totally on solar power coming from the bank of solar panels she has on the roof of Cecil. Looking after the environment is a top priority for this lovely lady.

I'm sure Cecil has many more lovingly made adornments inside to go with the wraps Sarah has crocheted for him on the outside.

Here Sarah's #Sew Love website if you want to learn more about her philosophies or want to check out what she is up to next.

We certainly meet some interesting people on our travels, and when you least expect it. I left Sarah with a sage piece of advice- don't spend too long sitting on cold concrete bench seats otherwise you might get piles!

I'll be back soon with a couple of blogs I skipped to bring you this one, 'hot off the press'.


  1. So nice to see Characters on the usual.

    1. Yes, it is Jimu, I think I need to do a few more blogs like this one.


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