Thursday, 2 November 2017

Out of Range


In case you hadn't noticed, we've been off the grid and out of internet range for the last week, camped beside the historic Cob Cottage on Molesworth Station- 100kms down the Awatere Valley, inland from Blenheim. 

That 100kms included 70kms of winding, dusty gravel road. And that was just to the camp. We then drove the Molesworth Road to the Clarence River Bridge, and back again (in the ute only); adding another 120km of gravel to the tally. Then after a suitable break it was back up the valley to civilization, and a grand total of 260kms of gravel and just 60kms of seal. 

I can tell you something for nothing, there is dust in every nook and cranny imaginable and that's just us, you should see the rig! And guess what? Not one drop of rain in six days to dampen it down!

We had an fantastic time and I have so many great photos and some interesting stories to tell you about. Very soon. For now, it's a little more R&R, replacing the dust with a little salt spray.

NB- there is no through road to Hanmer Springs at the moment, the bridge approach at the Clarence River has been washed away in a recent flood. 


  1. Lovely photo. Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks karyn, your wish is my command, the first of my Molesworth blogs is up :)


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