Thursday, 30 November 2017

Where Did I Get To?


Apologies, apologies! I bet some of you have wondered where I'd got to. And now I am so far behind with my blog posts it's not funny! I feel like I've been playing a game of Snakes & Ladders; nearly catch up, slide back down, catch-up, slide down.... Or perhaps, more like one of those mice on the spinning wheel, round and round going nowhere fast! It has been a very hectic few weeks and would you believe it, we've been parked up at the Mount (Mt Maunganui) for the last two weeks.

Yes, that's right the Mount, we're back in the North Island but not before spending some time at Marfells Beach in Marlborough and a night or two in Blenheim and Koromiko after leaving Molesworth and before crossing over. Somewhere in there, there was one of my regular 'Calamity Jane' moments, a visit to Blenheim A&E and a moonboot! No worries, nothing too serious, you'll hear about it in due course.

From Wellington we had a change of plan and detoured to Napier for a week- Mum & Dad won a garden competition and we wanted to surprise them with a visit and attend the prize giving (more on that in another blog too). Then it was onto the Bay of Plenty where we've been catching up with family and friends before we return to Napier next week for Christmas and New Year.

I will be posting blogs, just not so many over the next few weeks- I will catch up eventually though, I  REALLY WILL!! In the meantime I thought I'd post a link to my recent article which appeared in the last NZMCA magazine; some of you will have seen it of course but those that aren't members can click the link below to access the PDF.

Snowing Down South- A How-to Guide to Wintering Over in the South Island

I was also very pleased to not only get the front cover, but have 'Out There' featured on it too- taken on the morning of the minus 12c frost in the Ahuriri Valley, MacKenzie Country.

That's it, see you soon! 


  1. Morena Shellie & David,
    Hope your A&E fallout is on the mend....I joined the same club...broke two fingers at the Menz Shed 2 weeks ago, so no music practice for a while. Currently trawling your back issue blogs researching our next 3 month southern trip to the Catlins, Dunedin and Burt Munro Speed week in Invergargill. Man you are such a prolific blogger....I speak from personal experience...every hardship brings its own gifts.

    1. What a lovely thing to say Jimu, and it's so true. I know the hardship gift to myself is being able to revisit the small details months or years later, long after my mind has passed them by.
      Oh dear! Broken fingers is not good, at least I can still walk about but no music for awhile is not good. Hope you're mending well and resting your hand, not like me. How can I rest my foot when I have so much to do! ;)
      Enjoy your research and don't hesitate to ask if there's anything you're not sure of. In case I don't get the chance, wishing you and Christine a wonderful Christmas.

  2. At last, the winter guide that I've been looking forward to for so long. Excellent, far beyond what I've expected. It's fun reading it in the swelter of Bangkok with various kind of boats going up and down Chao Phraya River in the background. Hope you retain the joy of writing and sharing, don't push yourself too hard. I don't mind waiting a little longer for good stuff :)
    Have a great time in the next few weeks and please extend our warmest regards and best wishes to David, Dad & Mum (+congrats) etc. etc...

    1. Posted especially for you Offstone! It took awhile but I got there eventually. Thanks for your kind words and best regards to you two too.


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