Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dedicated to our friend Rodger

There was a full moon last night and I couldn’t sleep. It was also a clear warm night & through our open cabin window I could hear the waves gentling lapping onto the sand below, getting slightly louder as the tide came in, then receding as it went out & I counted through the hours.

I could also see the silver moon light stretching across the bay and then the moon as it slowly dropped towards the ridge on the other side. When sleep continued to elude me I got up & sat awhile outside in the peace & quite of a still night, watching & listening but most of all thinking of our dear friends Rodger & Heather.

Shocking & heart breaking news had found it's way through to us that Rodger was fighting for his life in ICU. How could this happen to a fit, healthy & happy man we wondered, it is just so sad. And poor Heather, what must she be going through. Tonight I felt a long way from home. 

April 4th- We still don’t know why & he is still fighting. Kia kaha Rodger, kia kaha xx

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