Sunday, 3 March 2013

"Out There"

That's the name of our fifth-wheeler & last night we had a BBQ & drinks for friends & family to 'launch' the van, reveal it's name and say thanks & farewell (for now) to them all. We also took the opportunity to have our new neighbours over, our little right-of-way has had a few changes in the last six months, with 3 of the 6 houses recently selling. It was a great night and we're sorry some couldn't make it due to prior commitments.

When it came to naming the van we were a little unsure whether we wanted to or not, our boats have had names but then that is usually expected, most people refer to their boat by name, there are by-laws & regulations in some areas & with some marinas requiring a name for identification, it helps with safety at sea & also when using your marine radio.
It's a different story on the road, your vehicles registration number is the all important identification. The decision was made when I was sorting some old photos & came across one of our first yacht taken 15 years ago. It was our pride & joy and a new direction for us back then. I had forgotten about the name until I saw the photo and it seemed fitting to pass it on to the van as we take another new direction 'Out There' doing it! And besides, Invisible Touch & Quantum didn't quite seem to fit.

Ross 650- 1998


  1. Hi there
    We have just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading the back posts as to how it all happened. Welcome to Life on the Road".
    We are not fulltimers but frequently get away in our caravan. Have had a busy time lately with building a new house and living in the caravan for the last few months. Parking is available for our van at our new village complex. Lawns are cut for us so there is no excuse not to take long trips now.

    1. Hi there & nice of you to stop by to comment. Congratulations on the new house, you'll enjoy the extra space for awhile but you'll be keen to get back on the road in no time at all I would think. Look forward to our paths crossing sometime in the future.


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