Thursday, 7 March 2013

Good Time Golf Girls

I mean.....Good Bye Golf Girls!

I love my golf and especially being a member of the Womens 9 Hole at Tauranga Golf Club. We have the largest 9 hole membership in NZ with over 140 ladies and over the last eight years I have made many friends. Sadly there will be no more Tuesday club days for me, no more competitions, no more mystery bus trips, no more entertaining fundraising evenings, no more haggles, no more driving range balls or giving Jack, in the Pro Shop, stick. I knew from the beginning of this journey that giving up golf at Tauranga was going to be another hard thing to do & I was right. I felt rather sad when I couldn't access the booking forms the other day or print out a card with my name on it, number 400-4369 no longer exists, I've been moved on. I guess that means my carpark will be free too! :)

I'd like to say a big thankyou to all the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the years, thanks for the fun times & the laughs, I'll miss you all.

And today I played my last Thursday morning game of golf with my regular duo of happy ladies, Kerry & Jane. Unfortunately Chris who has recently joined us & usually makes up our four was unable to make it. I took along a bottle of bubbly which we opened on the 4th (I figured that was as good a hole as any to have some added help, Tauranga members will know what I mean) and we'd finished it by the 8th! We had a quite a few laughs & the golf wasn't that bad either. I did take some nibbles to slow down the bubble effect but we were definitely looking forward to a coffee by the time we walked the 10th back to the cars. Thanks for the company & happy putting girls, you've definitely had my last $2

Tauranga Golf Clubhouse                                                                Who is that under the tree?                
I'm not giving up golf, just the club for now. And I will come & play as a guest when we're back in town so Tauranga  hasn't seen the last of me yet. I'm now (along with David) a fully paid up member of the Mt Nessing Golf Club. "Mt Nessing? Where on earth is that?" I hear you ask. McKenzie Country, inland from Timaru & not far from Fairlie in the South Island. They have a 9 hole course that is open once lambing is finished; from February through to September. Owned by a local farmer & run entirely by volunteers I think their membership is a little over 100.

The attraction is the $110 membership fee which allows us to be affiliate members so we can play at any of the hundreds of golf clubs around the country. It also allows me to keep my NZ handicap running. And it's not like we won't know anybody either if Mt Nessing decide to have a shindig for their members, friends from the Mount (hi Trish & Len) who are also touring NZ at the moment in their bus, joined Mt Nessing last year. I would have loved to continue with Tauranga but the affiliate fee was just a wee bit too steep and I'd also have to pay for each round over and above the fee.

A marks the spot


  1. Who knows - maybe one winters day we can put on our snow shoes and all play there! Trish

    1. Haha, now wouldn't that be fun! We'd have to have blue balls ;)


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