Thursday, 23 January 2014

Estuary Reflections

Early on our first morning at Weir Beach Reserve in the Catlins, it was very misty with low cloud cover on the surrounding hills. I could see that the estuary was as flat & still as a millpond & even though it was very nippy & wet underfoot, I grabbed my dressing gown & wandered down to the water to take some photos of the reflections.

My photo motto is "never miss an opportunity", too many times in the early day of my photography passion, I used to think I'll catch that later or I'll take those another day and quite often it would never happen. For whatever reason; the moment was gone, the light had changed, the weather took a turn for the worse or we never made it back to that spot. Now I grab every opportunity then & there.

And because of that you can now enjoy these early morning reflections, I love the simplicity of them & the muted tones (remember to click on them to enlarge)-


  1. Wonderful reflections - great that you woke early!

    1. Thanks Trish, you wouldn't find me getting up that early now....brrrrrrrr :)


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