Thursday, 23 January 2014

WOF & Rego

We headed off to the Testing Station early to get a warrant of fitness (WOF) on the fifth-wheeler, there was a good queue of trucks waiting for their COFs (certificate of fitness) and a couple of cars for their WOFs. Luckily the fifth-wheeler is classed as a "light trailer" so we were able to pull in behind the cars. As we were waiting to be called, we had a chuckle as one of the elderly inspectors tried a number of times to back a car & trailer ahead of us out of the building. We decided we know what happens to "old mechanics" when they leave garages & workshops, they get a job at a testing station!

While waiting in the queue we could see a couple of the COF inspectors having a discussion over by the trucks & then walking over to check the gross laden weight rating on the fifth-wheeler which is 3490kg. It did look rather large to be in the car queue.
This was one of the reasons we chose the Ultima over other larger fifth-wheelers. We only need a light trailer WOF once a year, not every six months as a lot of motorhomes & heavier fifth-wheelers do & the best bit, it only costs $29 as opposed approximately $100-120 per inspection. 
It was also a great feeling last week when I went into renew the registrations on the Ford & the fifth-wheeler, the ute was, as expected $450+ but the van was only $35! Thirty five dollars registration plus twenty nine dollars for the warrant equals $64. Sixty four dollars for the year & I look at that as the "rates" on our home. Our rates in Tauranga were $6000 plus!

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