Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Right Arm…

….is in this box!

Yikes! It feels like my right arm has been cut off. My faithful Nikon camera that never leaves my side and is used nearly every day has been sent away for a well deserved service. Along with my most used lens (18-300mm) which requires the zoom rubber on the outside of the barrel to be replaced. A rubber that has stretched considerably because of the constant zooming in and out.

I’ve not been looking forward to sending my camera away because, depending on what is required, it can take 2-3 weeks before it will be returned. Of course they won’t give any indication of a time frame, just it’ll take as long as it takes. I have my fingers crossed for a quick return- not only because I need my camera but because a quick return should mean a less expensive bill! I hope.

So for the foreseeable future, my blog post photos are going to have to be taken with my phone’s camera. That should be fun. Not.

I was interested to see how many ‘clicks’ I’ve taken with my Nikon. I had bookmarked a website- myshuttercount-  which I’ve used before, where you upload the last photo taken and the programme reads the metadata to give you the actual shutter count of the camera. 

So, I’ve had this camera for 15 months now, I wonder if you can guess how many photos I’ve taken during that time?

10,000? Not even close.
20,000? A token amount!
30,000? You & David think alike. But you’re still so wrong.
40,000? I wish- that would mean that I would have had a lot less post processing & deleting to do.
50,000? Really? You think I took that many photos, shame on you!
Because you’re still wrong!

Here is the total-

Yeah I know, blew me away too! Smile

60,000 photos = 4,000 per month = 131 photos per day! But haven’t you enjoyed them!

I really need to learn to limit my clicks, it would save me one hell of a lot of work. But to be fair a lot of these are when I’m trailing different techniques, learning different settings……and taking  nearly 10 of everything ‘just incase’.

‘Nuff said.

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