Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Boys are Back in Town

I’ve joined the ranks of the paparazzi and a sneaky one at that- mind you aren’t they all sneaky?

We’ve shifted across the road from the campground to the Oceanside Towers while our van has some work done on it. We’re not in the Towers but in the hotel part of the complex and look who checked into the rooms below us on the same day.

Our balcony overlooks theirs & everyday there has been a constant stream of buff bodies and impressive tats passing below as they head off to training or for a swim at the beach. Of course I just happened to be nonchalantly sipping a wine on the deck when they passed by- luckily with my cellphone at hand.

Don't ask for names, I have absolutely no idea!

Sevens is the fast-paced, shortened form of rugby played by seven aside teams and the All Blacks Sevens are the masters of the format. They are head and shoulders the most successful national sevens team in the world, competing regularly on the IRB World Sevens Series circuit around the world, which it has won ten times. The team also won the Rugby World Cup Sevens title in 2001 and four Commonwealth Games gold medals. They will be competing for gold at the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro in 2016 when rugby sevens debuts on the Olympic stage.


  1. You should have shown em a Leg!
    Cheers from Breakfast at the spoon cafe .... Amberley

    1. Cheeky! :)
      Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, we stopped there for lunch when we came through on a cold and miserable day, the fire was roaring and it was cosy & warm. And busy.


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