Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sushi Bites

I’m in seventh heaven, I’ve found myself a seriously good sushi restaurant in downtown Mt Maunganui. I love sushi, I could eat sushi morning, noon & night and still want for more. And with at least four sushi bars dotted along the short and busy Mount Mainstreet I’ve had plenty to choose from but this little restaurant, Yuki Sushi, wins hands down.

Little rolls of joy, colourful works of art, tasty morsels of deliciousness, all rolled up into tiny packages of healthy eating…

Except of course, when I add a selection of deep fried items to the plate. It's called research.

Very fresh and extremely delicious, the prices are also very reasonable.

And with so many different varieties to sample, my lunches are taken care of for the next three weeks!

Yuki Sushi- there's some irony in that name if you don't know how to pronouce it.
186 Maunganui Rd
Mt Maunganui

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