Saturday, 30 May 2015

Farewell To A Friend

‘Friendships started in camp can be separated by miles and months
 without losing any of their strength’

It was with extreme sadness that we received news today that John, a very fond friend, passed on yesterday.

We meet so many different people on our travels, some we pass the time of the day with before going our separate ways, others we might share a ‘happy hour’ with, many we just call out a cheery hello or goodbye to.

And then there are the ones like John & Jan. You know how it is when you meet people and you take an instant liking to them. Well that was how it was when we met John & Jan at Kenepuru Head last October. Not only did we enjoy their company; John had a wicked sense of humour, they also had a very cute and friendly dog Bluey who they both adored.

John wasn’t well but was managing his health reasonably well.  Jan was very attentive and between the two of them they were able to get away in their motorhome for short breaks. John became a regular reader of my blog after I handed him all my printed Blog Books to read while he relaxed at Kenepuru.

Jan & John lived in Waikawa Bay near Picton and we were able to call in and see them later in our travels whenever we passed through, and on our way back to the North Island and then again when we returned. The last time we were in Picton we waited for them to return from Christchurch before we moved on. We shared a very special lunch with them during that time, they were celebrating an anniversary and afterwards we returned to their home to watch a exciting game of World Cup cricket late into the evening, when we beat Australia on the last ball.

We saw John one last time before we left Waikawa, we were parked outside a workshop at the Waikawa Marina, having a few things checked on the van before we left town, when around the corner came John in full flight- on his mobility scooter with Bluey running at his side. They were on their daily ‘walk’. Businesses around the Marina are surely going to miss John’s cheerful morning greetings, jokes and laughter.

We might have only known you for a short time John but it was a pleasure and a privilege to share some fun times with you & Jan. Farewell & safe travels.


  1. Sad story , but you will have happy memories, a fitting tribute.

    1. Thanks Francis, your kind words are much appreciated.


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